About us


AP Comp was launched by Suzette Peterson in 1999, just prior to Y2K, when companies and organizations were panicking over potential mayhem with their systems. It was her desire to work from home so she could raise her toddler, Sarah. Her daughter, as well as E-commerce, were both still young. And now, over two decades later, AP Comp provides both Suzette and Sarah with the privilege of working with many diverse clients, giving them the opportunity to gain glimpses and a little understanding of various industries.

Because of the nature of the work, the team has been blessed to be able to work with businesses all over America, and internationally, including Switzerland and the Philippines. There are a few of their clients whom they have never met in person, but pride themselves in the fact that most of those they work with, they can also say have truly become friends.

Their work has allowed them to travel to visit the offices of those they serve, and thanks to the very powerful laptop computers, are able to do their work in the most beautiful surroundings of nature — loving their work, loving their lives.


It is the mission of AP Comp to help clients present their products, services and causes to targeted audiences in the most effective and beautiful way to support client website needs, responding timely to any concerns that they may have to provide consistently excellent service at a reasonable fee.

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